An ant problem has gotten worse.

Question: Since my initial Orkin service one week ago, the ant problem has gotten worse. The ants are in the kitchen now, where initially they were not. What can be done to keep the ants at bay while waiting for extra service?


ANSWER: Call the branch and schedule a  follow-up visit if it has not been scheduled. Ants are very difficult to control, and you have taken the correct first step by seeking professional help.

Often, after an initial service, pest activity will increase due to the products being used. If baits are used, they may be foraging and find the bait which contains a food source for them. Depending on the product used by the Pest Specialist, the insects will react in different ways.

In general, baits are the best method of ant control, but this takes time and patience. There are some dry or granular baits available, but the best formulations are liquids or gels. As these baits are a food source for the ants, your Pest Specialist needs your help in eliminating the competing food sources in your home by keeping the areas free from any food debris.

The Pest Specialist will place the baits where you have seen the most activity.  The Pest Specialist may need to use several different kinds of ant bait, and switch them periodically. Ants have preferences for different foods throughout the various seasons, thus the need for different baits. Control does take time.

Often, the use of a nonrepellent spot treatment may be indicated in conjunction with the baiting program. Your Orkin Pest Specialist will determine whether or not this is the case during the follow-up visit.


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