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Other signs of termite activity besides wood damage?

Subterranean Termite Wood Damage
Termite Wood Damage

Question: I know that termites do their evil business and it normally goes unnoticed. However, are there other signs of termite activity aside from seeing wood damage? Normally, when there is noticeable wood damage, things are really bad. I have a cupboard that gets a soft residue on the floor that I am not sure what it is. The house is fairly new, but that does not necessarily mean it would be termite free. Is there a way that Orkin can analyze the residue and tell me if it is wood? Any thoughts?


ANSWER: Evidence of termite activity can take many forms. Wood damage is one of the signs. Stain spots on drywall, mud, rippling of the wall, hollow-sounding wood, etc. can be additional signs. The best way to determine whether or not the signs you are seeing indicate termite activity is by getting a comprehensive inspection of your home done by a professional Orkin Termite Inspector.

The local Orkin branch office can send an Termite Inspector to look at it. The inspector should be able to determine what caused it. Call the Orkin branch office to schedule the inspection.


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