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Are you traveling for Labor Day? Do you know how to detect bed bugs?

Labor Day continues to be one of the major travel holidays in the United States as families take advantage of the last holiday of summer. With bed bugs being reported in hotels, cruise ships and even movie theaters, Orkin offers a few tips to let travelers know what bed bugs look like and to help them know how to avoid bed bug bites.

Many people ask if bed bugs can jump, but they can’t. They are actually hitchhikers that hide in our belongings and then travel with us from place to place. Click here for a printable bed bug  guide with easy steps to help you avoid bringing bed bugs back home as a vacation souvenir.

For more facts and tips about bed bug detection, bed bug symptoms and how to get rid of bed bugs, visit our Learning Center.

If you suspect you may have picked up some of these hitchhikers in your travels, call Orkin for a comprehensive bed bug inspection and assessment and implementation of a treatment solution.


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