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Avoid Sharing Your Spring Break With Bed Bugs.

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Travel Tips to Help Avoid Bed Bugs on Spring Break

Spring breakers want sun, fun and relaxation—not bed bugs—on vacation. Check out these travel tips from Orkin to help you avoid bringing bed bugs home as souvenirs:

— Inspect the mattress for bed bugs or black, ink-like spots. Alert hotel management if you find either.
— Check your luggage rack. If it’s clear of bed bugs, store luggage on the rack instead of the floor.
— Inspect your luggage for bed bugs before check-out and once you return home.

Watch this video for more helpful tips before you travel.

If for some unfortunate reason you suspect you may have brought back this unwanted souvenir, Call Orkin and an Orkin Pest Specialist will be happy to inspect your home and, if necessary, develop a treatment plan after a thorough assessment.

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