Found a baby scorpion in my house.

Question: I recently found a baby scorpion in my house about a half inch long, I killed it and kept it fairly intact.

Is it common for these to show up in Northern California? Specifically, Sacramento. I have never found one before around here, so if I do I think I will be contacting pest control.

ANSWER: According to University of California, Davis, Agriculture and Natural Resources, scorpions would be more common in Southern California than Northern California. There is, however, one species that can be readily found in Northern California and that is the California Forest Scorpion (Uroctonus mordax). I would need the specimen to conduct a scientific assessment and identification.

This being said, however, the fact is you found one. Some control methods your could easily exercise around your home are:

Clean yard debris, logs, leaves, etc. from around your home.

Trim back trees and bushes so they do not touch your home.

Weatherstrip your doors and windows, caulk openings and make sure your screens are in a good state of repair.

If you need more assistance, I would encourage you to call your local Orkin Branch and ask to have an Orkin Pest Specialist inspect around your home and develop a scheduled treatment strategy to keep your home pest-free.

More information on killing scorpions and scorpion control.


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