What bug looks like a roach with wings?

Question: We have a bug that looks like a roach, but its wings are light in color, someone said it was a flying roach. I do not see them fly, and they are a light brown and are out in the daytime. What is it?


ANSWER: Most household cockroaches have wings and several of them can fly … so I don’t know if you have a cockroach or not … but if it ”might” be you can start control now. To provide you with a proper identification I would need to see a specimen. This is where your highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist comes in.  Call your local Orkin branch now and set up for a comprehensive inspection of your home. A qualified Orkin Pest Specialist will inspect, assess the extent of an infestation, look for conditions conducive to cockroach infestation and, depending on the findings, come up with a multifaceted treatment plan which will include eliminating conditions that attract the roaches, mechanical trapping to identify their hiding places and treating with the best scientifically developed product in the industry.


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