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We have carpenter bees in walls and porch.

Question: We have carpenter bees in the supports, dirt and walls under our back porch. Is this something Orkin could take care of?


ANSWER: These are the large bumblebee-like  insects that create holes in outside wood; they will nest in siding, soffits, decks, posts and the wood of barns and sheds. These bees only nest in wood; they do not eat it. Carpenter bees are pollinators; thus, they are considered to be beneficial insects, but the unsightly holes and frass make them also a nuisance.

They are solitary bees but often occur in large groups, and females may use the same entrance hole into a piece of wood, but have separate galleries once inside.  Females can sting, but they are not usually aggressive. The males will threaten if you get too close—but they have no stinger!

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