My carpet has been chewed by rats.

Question: I have recently discovered a small portion of my carpet has been chewed away. It is located under a window, and there is a hole that leads down to the cement. The hole is maybe an inch wide. There are no signs of droppings. There is a small garden outside of the window, and there are often holes in the dirt. What could have done this? Would it be in the house?


ANSWER: Well, I suspect that this could be damage caused by rats. In order to be sure though, call your local Orkin Branch Office and set up an inspection of your home. If indeed this is a rodent issue, a highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist will inspect your property, looking for signs of infestation, entry points and conditions conducive to rodents. The Orkin Pest Specialist will develop a multifaceted treatment strategy to control a rodent infestation and prevent further entry into your home. This multifaceted treatment strategy will include:

  • the placement of traps,
  • inspecting for entry points (keep in mind they just need a hole the size of a quarter),
  • recommending elimination of conducive conditions,
  • and, in general, making it very difficult for the rats to enter your home.

So don’t delay. Call Orkin now.


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