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Concrete slab and termite control?

Question: I am in the process of renovating my bathroom. My old tub and drum trap-type drain have been removed. In order to replace the drum trap with a new P-trap drain, my concrete slab had to be broken up in a 9″ x 14″ section. How does the opening in my concrete slab relate to termite control/prevention? Should the slab be filled in again, or is it best to leave the space open for termite inspection?


ANSWER: Call your local Orkin Pest Control Branch office and set up for a termite inspection of your home. A highly trained Orkin Termite Inspector will develop a customized solution for you, which would include the treatment of this bath trap. If possible, it might be best for the future to leave this area accessible by installing an access door. This will allow for future inspections and, if needed, any retreatments.


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