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What is the cost for flea treatment?

Question: What is the cost for flea treatment?

ANSWER: Fleas can inhabit outside areas as well as interior of homes and businesses. Inspections will include interior and exterior areas of your home or place of business.

A comprehensive inspection by a qualified Orkin Pest Specialist will confirm that insect bites or visible insects are in fact fleas. This inspection will determine the extent of the infestation and will include areas that you may not think as being points of entry for fleas, such as attics and crawl spaces, as often fleas may come into your home or place of business on wildlife and rodents. Finally, a treatment regimen including product application and possible follow-up visits will be established.

Depending on the results of the infestation, the cost of the treatment will be determined. Keep in mind that control of flea infestations is a complex treatment that will require your cooperation as well as treatments and follow-ups.

Contact your local Orkin Branch to set up the inspection of your premises by a scientifically trained Orkin Pest Specialist.


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