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Do bed bugs lay eggs in mattresses?

Question: Hi, please help me with a question I have. We had bunk beds in our sons’ rooms, and about a year ago I took one of the mattresses out and the bunky board and stored them in the attic, which is detached from the home garage. We have now bought a new frame and pulled the mattress/bunky board out of the attic in the garage and have begun using it. Is there any need to be worried that some kind of bed bugs would have laid eggs in the mattress or bunky board while being stored in the garage? How about any other concerns of any other kinds of bugs? We did not have the mattress wrapped—it was just stored up high in the attic of the garage. Please let me know. Thanks

ANSWER: The mattress should be fine … unless you had a colony of bats in the attic (in which case you might have bat bugs), you’re fine.


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