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Does Riddex really work for mice?

Question: Does Riddex really work? How much to tent house?

ANSWER: It may work, but the jury on ultrasonic plug-ins is still out, as they say. There are many testimonials out there that say the product works, and some state it does not. Personally, I would not trust the health of my family due to a rodent infestation to a plug-in ultrasonic device.

I would at least consider calling the local Orkin Branch Office and having a highly trained and qualified Orkin Pest Specialist come to my home and conduct a thorough assessment of my property and look for rodent entry points, conditions that are conducive to rodent infestations, and develop a customized treatment strategy that fits my needs.

When it comes to tenting your home, it is a rather expensive proposition. It requires great degree of knowledge and special licensing due to the gas being used. Once again, contact your local Orkin branch office to discuss.

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