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Does table salt kill fleas?

Question: I am having trouble with fleas. Does table salt kill fleas? I cannot call, or I would, because I’m allergic to flea bites.


ANSWER: Table salt in large concentrations or dosage might kill a flea, but it will probably not control a flea infestation. While I have seen some comments about this on the internet from do-it-yourself folks, I would not endorse this concept either way. I have never used it.

Home flea control is a rather involved process. It  begins with treating the animal, then treating the home. Both steps must be done simultaneously. Your yard might need to be treated also. Orkin Pest Control has the experience and technical know-how to conduct a flea treatment in your home that will have satisfactory results. In your question you mention your allergy to flea bites. Would you put your health at risk by using a method that is not scientifically proven?

Call your local Orkin Pest Control Branch office and request a flea inspection by a highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist. Upon assessing your situation, the Orkin Pest Specialist will put together a customized, scientifically developed solution for your problem that will best fit your needs.

More information regarding flea treatments may be found at Orkin home treatment for fleas.


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