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Ask the Orkin Man

Does the Orkin Man seal your home for roaches?

Question: I have a question regarding pest control. Does the “Orkin Man” seal your apartment inside and outside, and for what charge? I want my apartment to be totally roach/bug free before my family and I move in.

ANSWER: There is no ”sealing” involved in cockroach control. Depending on the level of infestation, it may take some time to rid the apartment of cockroaches. Most of the roaches found in apartment settings are German cockroaches. These are small indoor cockroaches which are introduced in packages and boxes from other sites. These cockroaches can travel from apartment to apartment by wall voids, plumbing and electrical conduits. Sanitation is key with these roaches. Unsanitary conditions in an adjacent apartment to yours will make it very hard to control the problem, even if your own apartment is spotless. Your best bet is to inspect all your belongings when you move from one place to another to ensure you do not bring any hitchhikers with you.


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