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How do I get rid of grounding bees?

Question: I was wondering if you have a solution for getting rid of grounding bees. They come out every spring for about a month.


ANSWER: The small bees nesting in the soil, and making the small holes in bare soil, are solitary bees. They are sometimes called sweat bees because they are attracted to human perspiration. They do not live in large colonies, but each female makes her own nest and rears a few larvae in galleries in the soil. These bees often occur together in large numbers, and give the appearance that there is one large colony. They are not usually aggressive, but they may sting when the nest site is approached.

To control these bees in a lawn or other outdoor recreation area, you can increase the thickness of your turf or cover the area with mulch or gravel. These bees prefer soil that is dry and bare. Other treatments may be available, and your Orkin Pest Specialist can discuss these with you. Your Orkin Pest Specialist will conduct a very thorough inspection of your property and develop a customized and proven treatment strategy that is backed by science. Call your local Orkin Branch Office to set up a visit by your Orkin Pest Specialist.

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