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Hard droppings in my basement

Question: I’ve been finding small, very hard droppings, about 1/4 inch here and there on the carpet in my basement.

Very hard – at first I mistook them to be small pieces of plastic or something that broke off of my kid’s toys. But as I began to see more and more around the basement, I started to suspect they are droppings from some type of pest.

I’ve also frequently seen crickets in my basement—am I describing something that is commonly associated with crickets?

ANSWER: These do not fit what might come from crickets. It is very hard to give you a definite answer without looking at the droppings and conducting an inspection. Your highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist can do just that. Call the local Orkin Branch Office today and an Orkin Pest Specialist will come to your home, conduct a thorough inspection and assessment. After that, a customized treatment plan backed by science will be developed in a way that best fits your needs. Call today.


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