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Do we have both fleas and bed bugs?

Question: We either have BOTH fleas and bedbugs or just fleas. We have indoor/outdoor cats and dog, and fleas happen every year like clockwork. This year we’ve done some traveling and ran into bed bugs on the road. We took major precautions to not bring them into the house, to the point of throwing out suitcases, bleaching and saniwashing items, etc. But now when we wake up and find a bite on one of us we do not know what we’re dealing with. Can Orkin help us figure this out and treat it?


ANSWER: Your issue could possibly be bed bugs. Traveling is a good way to bring them into your home. The best way to make sure though is to get a comprehensive bed bug inspection done. An Orkin Certified Bed Bug Specialist will come to your home, conduct an inspection, assess the situation and develop a customized treatment plan based on science that best meets your needs. Call your local Orkin Branch Office today to schedule this inspection.

Although this refers more to apartments, you can get more information on how to control bed bugs by going to: www.orkin.com/ask-the-orkin-man/i-have-bed-bugs-in-my-apartment


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