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How do I control house centipedes?

Question: As per your pest ID section, I have the centipede insects in my house mostly from spring to summer, but occasionally during the winter. I have noticed baby ones during the summer months. I had assumed they got into my house through the sink/tub drains. Can these be controlled?

ANSWER: Centipedes move fast and can be scary; however, they will not harm you unless you handle them. As centipedes are predators, one of the best ways to control them is by controlling their prey. A good general Pest Control Program can be especially beneficial. A highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist can come to your home and conduct a thorough inspection and assessment of the situation. Once completed, a comprehensive and customized treatment plan backed by science will be developed to meet your needs.  Call your local Orkin Branch Office today and set up an appointment to rid your home of pests.

picture Centipede Crawling
Centipede Crawling

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