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Should I move an ant nest?

Question: I have an appointment scheduled for tomorrow to have Orkin investigate a carpenter ant problem. I believe I know a potential source of the ants: a stack of decayed timbers beneath my porch. I would like to try moving them, but if I do uncover a nest, would this cause them to scatter and spread to more places? Or should I be patient and consult with the Orkin technician?

ANSWER: This may be the nest site; moving the wood will be fine, as a matter of fact the Orkin Pest Specialist will include moving the firewood as one of the recommendations. Carpenter ants will form satellite nests though, and this may not be the main nest. One of the satellite nests may be in your home.

It is best to still have the Orkin Pest Specialist come and conduct a thorough inspection of your home. A customized treatment plan backed by science will be developed which will include recommendations on the removal of conducive conditions to the ants. For more information on the process call the local Orkin Branch Office.


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