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Can pesticide used to protect inside and outside be transferred from clothes?

Question: What is the pesticide that is used to protect inside and outside?

Do you come back to re do and when is it necessary to redo? If the chemical gets on your clothes, can it be transferred to say the car seat?


ANSWER: Pesticides when needed are used in accordance with the product’s label. The label will indicate where the pesticide can and cannot be used, which pest can the pesticide be used against, and will give your Orkin Pest Specialist specific directions to follow. Orkin Pest Specialists are trained to follow the label at all times and apply these products correctly, thus ensuring your safety as well as that of your family. By doing this they also protect the environment and themselves.

Your Orkin Pest Specialist is also trained to look for conditions that are attractive to pests, conduct thorough inspections and make recommendations on steps you can take to assist in the control of pests in your home and place of business.

As long as you follow reentry instructions, there should be no case to get the pesticide on your clothes or transfer it elsewhere.


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