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How do I prepare for flea extermination?

Question: I have a flea extermination scheduled. What do I need to do to prepare my condo?

ANSWER: The carpet will be treated, so it should be cleared of clothes, shoes, toys and any other loose items.

If you have pets, wash the pet bedding. Vacuum furniture that pets come into contact with. Tell the pest control technician where pets normally rest.

Vacuum around the house as well. Make sure you discard the bag every time you vacuum.

If the yard will be treated, be sure the grass is mowed. Pick up any pet dishes and move any lawn furniture out of the shaded areas where the technician will be treating.

It is normal to see fleas for a couple of weeks after the carpet has been treated. Your technician will explain the treatment process and any follow-up procedures besides vacuuming.

Read more about getting rid of fleas in home here: http://www.orkin.com/ask-the-orkin-man/get-rid-of-fleas-in-home.

Your Orkin Pest Specialist will discuss all preparation steps as part of your customized, backed by science, treatment plan. If you have any questions call your local Orkin Branch Office.


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