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Can I pretreat a concrete slab for termites?

Question: I am building a new home, it will be a conventional concrete slab with brick siding. Do I need to pretreat the slab or do anything during construction to prevent future pests?

ANSWER: Treating houses during construction, when the foundation and the soil and/or gravel that forms the bed of future concrete slabs are exposed, is the best time to apply chemical protection against subterranean termites. The foundation block and the footing for the block or poured concrete wall are treated on the outside and inside. Sometimes the wood sill plate and joists for the flooring are treated (usually with a different insecticide).

This treatment is called ”pretreatment” or “preconstruction treatment” by pest control operators and is done routinely by professional companies. It will need scheduling in advance. There may be a second treatment when the foundation has been backfilled and the final soil grading has been made. If you need to get this treatment done for your new home, call the local Orkin Branch Office. An Orkin Termite Inspector will meet with you to discuss the protocols and timing of this treatment.

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