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How can I prevent squirrels from running on my roof?

Question: How can I prevent squirrels from running on my roof? I have no trees overhanging, but it is a log home and they probably crawl right up the logs.

ANSWER: I honestly don’t know how you can stop them. Be sure the vents are all screened so they don’t get into the house. Look for other openings around soffits and fascia boards. If you have trees that have branches above your roof or touching the side of your home, cut them back. If you live in a heavily wooded area, they will be there, and the best you can do is eliminate food sources like bird feeders, bird baths, etc. and make sure the home is properly sealed.  Contact your local Orkin Branch Office for wildlife control programs.


Read more about squirrels here: www.orkin.com/wildlife/squirrels.


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