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Can you spray for carpet beetles?

Question: I have carpet beetles. I first found some in a folded-up feather/down comforter. I had it cleaned and packed it in plastic. But I now find them in the kitchen sometimes, crawling up the wall from behind the stove/range. Is there a home remedy? Is there something I could put out or spray that won’t harm my cat and dog that will get rid of the pests?
ANSWER: Spraying for carpet beetles can be useful when there is a heavy infestation. However, the question is where to spray because they can be anywhere in your home.

Vacuum areas where you suspect the beetles to be and inspect personal materials that could be infested. Throw out infested materials.

A good choice would be to call your local Orkin Branch Office and have a highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist conduct a comprehensive inspection of your home. Your Orkin Specialist will develop a customized solution, based on science, to meet your needs.

More information: how to get rid of carpet beetles.


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