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Do you treat for brown recluse spiders?

Question: Do you treat for brown recluse spiders? If so what is the cost of a treatment?


ANSWER: The brown recluse spider is often misidentified, or to put it another way, some other species of spiders are mistakenly identified  as brown recluse spiders.

Follow these simple guidelines for identifying a spider as a recluse. They are nearly uniformly pale brown to light brown spiders. Their legs are not striped and not especially ‘hairy. The violin shape on the ”head region” is distinct, but some other spiders also have this mark. The brown recluse when full grown, and legs extended is about the size of a 25¢ coin.

Of course, when in doubt, it is always safe to be cautious. It is of little value to overreact to the presence of any spider. They are not aggressive animals, and usually only bite when cornered or brushed against.

The bite of a brown recluse spider can be serious. Experts recommend seeking medical attention for a bite victim. If possible, take the spider along for positive identification.

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