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How do I treat for cigarette beetles in a restaurant?

Question: How do I treat for cigarette beetles in a restaurant?

ANSWER: You would not actually treat for them … that is use insecticides. You would have to figure out what they are infesting and then remove that material. It is important to also rotate the stock, inspect product coming into the restaurant and not accept open or broken packages. If you are able to, put some of the foodstuffs into your walk-in freezer for at least 24 hours to kill them.

This small, brown beetle is a commonly found around food storage areas. The grub stage can feed on a great variety of food materials, including spices, flour, noodles, bird seed and tobacco.

When it comes to any other treatments, the best thing to do is contact an expert. Call your local Orkin Branch Office. A highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist will come to your business and conduct a thorough inspection. Once the inspection is complete, the specialist will make recommendation on how to remove infestations and prevent new ones. Your Orkin Pest Specialist will develop a customized solution, backed by science, that best meets your needs.

picture of cigarette beetle
Illustration of Cigarette Beetle

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