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I Am Having Trouble With Earwigs.

Question: I am having trouble with earwigs getting into my home, and they are driving me crazy. Can you tell me if you can get rid of earwigs.

ANSWER: Earwigs in and around the house are not easy to control for several reasons: there are a lot of them, so whatever you kill (outdoors) will likely be replaced by others; you have to actually contact them with the insecticide spray (liquid or aerosol will work) to get results, you cannot expect to get control by spraying surfaces that may crawl on.

earwigWhile they look dangerous, and the large pincers on the males (females have small ones) look threatening, they are not aggressive. In spite of their common name, they do not enter ears at night. They are predators of other insects, but will also eat plant material.

Call your local Orkin branch office and a highly trained Orkin Pest Specialist will come to your home, inspect and develop a customized treatment plan, which will include exterior perimeter services, to control the earwigs and other pests that will best fit your needs.

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