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Petco 2013

Petco Distribution Center #528 and Orkin:

Mira Loma Facility Honored for Company’s Fifth IPM Partner Award

Petco is a specialty retailer of premium pet food, supplies, services and companion animals. As a leader in its industry, the company firmly believes life is better with a pet, and that pet-owner bonds enrich lives, strengthen communities and make the world a healthier and happier place. At the heart of all of this is Petco’s focus on sustainable business practices, as well as high food safety and sanitation standards that are of the utmost importance at its distribution centers.

Located in Mira Loma, Calif., Petco’s Distribution Center #528 has partnered with Orkin for five years to help maintain a pest-free warehouse, which is where their high quality pet food brands are stored. Petco sells only dog and cat food that meets the Petco Certified Nutrition standards, carrying a wide variety of natural and organic pet food. Petco Distribution Center #528’s commitment to quality pet food products translates into its quality pest management program, which received a 2013 IPM Partner Award, presented by Orkin, The IPM Institute of North America and NSF.

To learn more about the pest management program’s success at Petco Distribution Center #528, we spoke with Senior Vendor Compliance Manager Kristyn Grandys, who oversees all 10 of Petco’s distribution centers around the country. Here is an edited transcription of that interview.

Why do you think your facility won this award?

The reason we won this award is two-fold. First, it’s due to the partnership Petco leadership and associates have formed with Orkin. Second, the overall engagement and understanding that Orkin has displayed towards Petco’s robust food safety program has allowed both parties to work together to achieve the same goal, a pest-free environment.

Why is IPM so important to your facility?

IPM is important in our distribution centers because our goal is to deliver products on time to our customers, both damage- and pest-free, and the IPM program helps us achieve our goal for a pest-free environment. Our pest management program helps identify any conditions at our facility that may attract pests and allows us to put a quick stop to pest activity that we discover. This in turn allows us to keep pests from affecting our entire supply chain, and as a result, we have achieved high satisfaction with store management and customers.

What results have you seen from your partnership with Orkin?

Our associates are more engaged in food safety and sanitation issues at our distribution center due to Orkin providing IPM training for our team. With all of our associates playing a more involved role, this has been extremely beneficial, and we have become more knowledgeable about how we can protect our facility, products and environment. In addition, we have improved the efficiency of our inbound shipment monitoring procedures to prevent pest activity at the outset.

Why do you continue to work with Orkin?

We know that Orkin is completely on board with everything we’re doing at our distribution centers. Each Orkin team member, from our technician to the region manager and quality assurance team, is highly engaged with the facility. This program has proven to be a huge benefit in regard to educating our leadership and associates on food safety, and we hope we will only continue improving with Orkin’s guidance.