Case Studies

Savannah Hotels


Orkin Helps Guests Check in to Savannah Charm

Every year, millions of visitors flock south to the moss-draped squares and historic charms of Savannah. When they arrive, many check in with hotelier B.M. Patel. Patel manages Hawthorn Suites, La Quinta Inn and Econo Lodge, located off Interstate 95 for an easy drive to Savannah’s cobblestone streets and Lowcountry treasures.

As General Manager, Patel requires partners who can keep up with the tourist rush so his guests can enjoy the city’s sweet molasses pace in comfort. He has trusted Orkin Commercial Services to provide efficient, effective service to his bustling hotels for more than a decade. We caught up with Patel during one of his short breaks to discuss his partnership with Orkin.


Why did you choose Orkin?

Some of my family members who manage hotels recommended Orkin. I first brought on Orkin at Econo Lodge, and when I saw what excellent service they provided, I asked them to come to Hawthorn Suites and La Quinta as well. I’m committed to providing great customer service at my hotels, and pest management plays an important part in a customer’s experience. My guests look for clean, safe and comfortable rooms, and Orkin’s focus on quality service has helped me provide that at all of my hotels.


How does Orkin work with your staff to manage pests?

My housekeeping and maintenance staff work closely with Orkin to ensure our hotels remain spotless and free of pests. Orkin has provided valuable training to my staff, showing them how to check rooms for signs of bed bugs and other pests. These trainings are helpful and informative, and we put them to practice by conducting regular inspections of rooms.


What aspects of Orkin’s service do you most appreciate?

Orkin always provides fast and effective service. If we have an issue, Orkin responds and resolves it quickly. They’re also very discreet, providing service during lulls in our day between morning checkout and afternoon check-in.

Tips to Stop Pest Problems Before They Start

  • Create a written sanitation schedule and educate staff on their roles and responsibilities.
  • Ask staff to keep an eye out for pests and immediately report any pest sightings.
  • Reduce sources of food and water that can attract pests – clean up food and water spills, vacuum regularly and keep trashcans lined and covered.
  • Trim back trees, shrubs or other landscaping that can provide shelter for pests.
  • Work with your pest management provider to implement an Integrated Pest Management program and train your staff on how to respond to pest issues.