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Orkin and Smart for Life Achieve Audit Success

Doctors Scientific Organica, the commercial bakery for the Smart for Life company, manufactures a variety of products including meal replacement cookies, cupcakes, bagels and soups.  Pests have no place on the ingredient list for the 15,000 square-foot plant, which ensures quality control and customer satisfaction.  Doctors Scientific Organica established a Gold Medal™ Protection partnership with Orkin in 2009 and immediately received a perfect score on the pest control portion of their third-party audit.  To learn more about the partnership, we spoke with Food Safety/Compliance Manager Elliot Chute.  Here is an edited transcription of that interview.


Why did you choose Orkin?

“Throughout my nearly 30 years in food safety I’ve worked with Orkin at several facilities.  Their service is thorough, and they provide unparalleled documentation.  With Orkin we’ve gained a world class program in Gold Medal Protection.”


How would you describe your partnership with Orkin?

“Orkin is more than just a pest control provider – they’re an intricate part of our operations.  We consider Orkin a part of our team and they go out of their way to show me they’re invested.  The other day I called our Orkin quality assurance representative with a question.  I later found out that he was on vacation, but he stayed on the phone until I had the right information.  Our Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist is the same way.  He offers training, and he is also knowledgeable about our facility and what we need for a successful pest management program.”


What are the main pest control concerns at your facility?

“Right now we are working to obtain our organic certification for several products.  I’ve been working closely with Orkin to explore our options for a green program.  They provided all the right forms and information to make our organic application go smoothly.  I know Orkin cares about our business and the direction we want to go.”


How do you measure success at your facility?

“Audits show the real picture of a company.  They show our customers they’re receiving wholesome products, and that we take a real interest and pride in what we manufacture.  Receiving a perfect audit score allows me to sleep better at night knowing that we performed at 100 percent of our ability to protect our customers.”


How does Orkin help you prepare for your third-party audits?

“Just having the Gold Medal Protection program in place is helpful.  We also use Orkin University Online, which is extremely informative.  I’ll ask my employees to go on Orkin’s website and check out the information available for audit preparation.  Orkin’s Quality Systems Department goes above and beyond what we expect.  I work closely with Orkin’s team of entomologists to prepare for, and always have Orkin present at my audits.  Their PowerTrak™ reporting allows us to easily pull up information if any questions arise.  That’s Orkin’s main goal – making sure you excel during audits.”