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Temple-Inland and Orkin Commercial Services: ‘Superior’ AIB Audits,Year After Year


The Challenge:

Managing pests effectively in any 162,000 square-foot industrial facility is no easy task.  And for Temple-Inland’s Marion, Ohio plant, which processes and stores massive quantities of paper and packaging, effective pest control becomes even more challenging.  Why?  Because pests are highly attracted to the paper and corrugated board that make up the plant’s products.  But effective pest control is a top priority because Temple-Inland’s products are used in food packaging.  The Marion facility undergoes food-safety audits by several of the companies it supplies and by the American Institute of Baking (AIB).


A Partnership to Battle Pests Proactively

To meet this challenge, Orkin and Temple-Inland forged an award-winning Integrated Pest Management (IPM) partnership.  The program calls for a number of non-chemical approaches well suited for managing pests in sensitive facilities, from structural alterations that keep pests outside to diligent sanitation measures to prompt waste removal and the installation of traps for monitoring pest activity.

Temple-Inland works proactively with Orkin to ensure these methods are implemented effectively.  Their staff adheres to a strict daily cleaning schedule for sensitive areas of the plant and diligently seals any cracks and crevices that open to the outside.

“[Temple-Inland General Supervisor] Mitch Addison is always working with us and whenever we’ve asked him to do something, he’s right on top of it,” says Bret Cremeans, Operations Manager for Orkin’s Columbus Commercial Branch.  “Sometimes when we make a service request he’ll fill out the work order right there in front of us to get it done.  He also lets us know when he sees new developments so that we can begin treating those issues right away.


Teamwork + Communication = Audit Success

Since beginning the partnership in 1997, Orkin has conducted two IPM workshops with Temple-Inland’s maintenance staff and managers to communicate the importance of their role in maintaining a successful IPM program and arm them with the latest knowledge.

“We rely on Orkin’s service, but we also want to learn all we can and work to make the most of our partnership,” says Addison.  “My two favorite words are ‘continuous improvement.’  We are always striving to get better.”

The ongoing partnership between Orkin and Temple-Inland is one rich in success.  The 2004 audit marked the 10th straight inspection in which Temple-Inland scored a “Superior” ranking from AIB.


Gold Medal IPM Partner Award Winner

For its commitment to a successful IPM partnership, Temple-Inland was awarded one of four 2004 Gold Medal IPM Partner Awards by The IPM Institute of North America and Orkin.  By maintaining communication and documentation as well as showing a proactive approach to educating its employees about the importance of IPM, Temple-Inland embodies what a true IPM partner should be.