Commercial Bathroom Pest Control Services for Business Restrooms

Bathroom Care

No matter how clean, pleasant and professionally presented a building is, a poorly equipped and maintained washroom will create a damaging impression that will last.


All three of these products keep washrooms cleaner, reduce the spread of germs through manual contact and contribute to a pleasant smell in the washroom (which consumer research has shown is as important as any other factor in a customer’s perception of cleanliness).


Orkin AutoFresh®

A fresh-smelling restroom speaks well of your business, minimizing complaints and the loss of repeat customers. Orkin AutoFresh® provides maximum odor control by dispensing precise neutralizing fragrances to help create a pleasant bathroom environment.


Orkin AutoClean®

Unclean urinals and toilet fixtures create unsanitary conditions for customers. Orkin AutoClean® chemically helps reduce bacteria buildup, prevent stains, scaling and odors, and reduce janitorial expenses.


Orkin AutoFlush®

Orkin AutoFlush® utilizes a fail-safe infrared user-detection device to automatically flush toilets after use, reducing sewer gas buildup and helping to prevent an offensive and unsanitary bathroom environment. The flushing system lowers the risk of cross-infection spread by touching fixtures and reduces damage to fixtures due to improper use.