Proactive bird control customized for specific commercial industries.

Bird Control

An Investment in Your Property and Your Business


bird control

To be most effective, bird control methods must be tailored to the specific bird species and situation. Orkin uses a variety of methods to control pest birds:

  1. Identification — We’ll identify problem bird species present, feeding and watering locations, roosting, nesting and loafing areas, and any potential risk to nontargeted species.
  2. Habitat Modification — We’ll apply bird repellant and exclusion solutions as needed, such as netting, filling holes in building facades, gels, bird coils and bird wire.
  3. Mechanical Traps or Other Treatments — Used outside your building, traps can be a temporary but effective solution to your bird problem. When necessary, chemical methods such as Avitrol and Avitrol Fog may be employed as a control.
  4. Ongoing Monitoring and Maintenance — We’ll conduct regular inspections of your property and equipment installations, recommendations and written service reports.


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