Pest management plan that includes three phases- assess, implement and monitor- to control pest in commercial sector.

Assess. Implement. Monitor

Orkin Three Step System

Effective pest control is a process, not a one-time event. Orkin’s Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach is a collaborative and ongoing cycle of three critical activities that help keep pests in their place.


First we inspect, identify and evaluate all the underlying reasons pests infest your facility.

  • Comprehensive inspections — We detect any sanitation issues or structural conditions conducive to pests.

commercial interior exterior pest inspections Commercial Interior Exterior Pest Inspections

  • Identification of pest activity — We examine and report any evidence of pest infestation.
  • Risk evaluation — We consider your facility type, geography and any conditions conducive to pest activity.


Cookie-cutter pest management solutions are ineffective. Your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist continually works with you to develop a customized solution to suit your unique needs.

  • Focus on prevention – When we can, we start with exclusion, sanitation and other nonchemical options.
  • Environmentally responsible – If a product is needed, your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist selects the most effective treatment with the least impact on the environment.
  • Sanitation consultation – Your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist will consult with you to make sure your cleaning efforts make a real impact on potential pest “hot spots.”


  • Monitoring – During regular service inspections, your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist monitors for signs of pest activity, looks for pest-friendly conditions and helps make sure your program is working.

IPM Monitoring IPM Monitoring

  • Documentation and Communication – After each service, your Orkin Commercial Pest Specialist documents all services performed, pest activity and any recommendations.