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Mosquito Control

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mosquito on human skin

Not only are the mosquito’s itchy, irritating bites a big turnoff, but fears about West Nile Virus still factor into many people’s decision to avoid places where mosquitoes are prevalent.  Orkin’s Mosquito Control Service is a comprehensive mosquito management plan to help protect you and your customers from these harmful and annoying pests.


We use a combination of treatments to develop a customized program to help break the mosquito life cycle:


  1. Inspection — We will  help identify conditions conducive to mosquito breeding.
  2. Environment Modification — We will coach your staff on how to eliminate or minimize potential mosquito breeding grounds.
  3. Treatment of Stagnant Water — We will perform this treatment to help disrupt the early stages of the mosquito life cycle.
  4. Reduction of Biting Adults — We will treat your property with an insecticide application to target adult mosquitoes. If necessary, we’ll apply additional applications in and around vegetation, porches, decks and other exterior structures conducive to mosquito breeding.


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