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Green Flies

Green Bottle Fly
Green Bottle Fly

Green flies, or green bottle flies, are shiny metallic green in color. Their eyes are large, compound and tinted red. Like other blow and bottle flies, these flies are commonly found on farms.

Adults feed on pollen, serving as key pollinators for plants that mimic the smell of carrion. The transfer of pathogens occurs when they land on food or food preparation surfaces after coming into contact with carrion or feces.

Female flies choose dead and wounded animals, as well as feces, within which to lay their eggs. Green bottle flies are particularly fond of dog feces, and large populations may be found in dog parks and dog runs as a result. After hatching, yellow-gray larvae feed, amassing enough body weight to last through their upcoming pupal stage. The scientific community has taken special interest in the larvae of these flies for their potential to treat necrotic flesh wounds in sanitized, controlled conditions.


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