Dichotomous Key for a House Fly

Dichotomous keys, also known as identification keys, refer to a scientific tool used in identification. A dichotomous key consists of a sequence of choices leading the user to the correct name of the organism in question. Because it is dichotomous, the key always offers choices in pairs.

A dichotomous key, be it for a house fly or some other animal, can have limitations. A dichotomous key used to identify flies like a house fly may only include flies found in a particular region. If the person identifying the insect lives in a different region with different species, the dichotomous key most likely will not be useful.

However, house flies often are easily identifiable. Commonly gray in color, adults have yellow abdomens and can grow as large as 8 mm in length. The compound eyes of the common housefly have as many as 4,000 facets. With only sponging mouth organs, the housefly cannot bite.