Coloring and Activities

Get your kids excited about learning with fun bug games and activities. Our Games and Activities pages encourage kids to imagine bugs in new and creative ways with mazes, drawing sheets and coloring pages.

Coloring Pages

Download and print bugs from our library of bug coloring pages and take them wherever you want.  


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Orkin Pumpkin

Use our stencils to create your own spooky Orkin pumpkin this Halloween. Download Now
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Insect Safari Maze

Make your way through the maze and find all the different insects. Download Now
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Draw a Lady Bug

Learn how to draw a ladybug with step-by-step directions. Download Now
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Create Your Own Insect

Use our guides to help you create your own unique bug. Download Now
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Insect ID Guide

Use our guides to discover the different insects around you. Download Now
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Orkin Activity Bug Book

Use our Bug Book to discover the insects in your own backyard. Download Now
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Listen as animals and insects use noise to communicate. Visit Page