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Kids’ and Teachers’ Lesson Plans


To extend the Insect Safari experience in your classroom, download these free cross-curricular insect lesson plans and creative modules! These lesson plans are not only fun and easy, but also they are correlated to National Science Education Standards.

Teaching about pests can be challenging – Schedule The Orkin Man™ to visit your classroom for insect facts from the pest expert.

Insect Lesson Plans

Are You One of Us?

This lesson plan introduces students to systematics, the science of classification of insects and other living things. Students will learn that scientists classify living things according to similarities and differences. Available for grades K-2, 3 and 4, 5 and 6.

Insect Crafts for Kids: With “The Art of Flying,” students will make a model to demonstrate how an insect moves its wings. (Level 1, 138K)

In Seeing is Believing…or Is It? students will compare images of insects, then create their own drawing and cartoons. (Level 1, 129K)

Through a hands-on simulation in “Feeding Frenzy,” students will explore how an insect’s mouthparts are adapted for a particular food source. (Level 1, 138K)

Students will compare human and insect senses to understand how insects gather information about their environment with “Feelin’ Buggy.”< (Level 2, 102K)


A Day in the Life Of…

Students will research the distinguishing characteristics, habitats, food supply and other important jobs of different insects.

Camouflage: A Study of Stealth and Survival

Students will understand various types of insect camouflage.

Smile … You’re on Insect Camera!

Students will observe, make hypotheses and draw conclusions about insects and their habitats.

Create an Insect

To demonstrate their knowledge of insects and their characteristics, each student will create a unique insect.

Our lesson plans are correlated to National Science Education Standards.