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Learn to identify threatening pests, understand their biology, diets, habits, and habitats — plus, find effective ways to control them. Assembled by Orkin scientists, our up-to-date pest library gives you information on termites, insects, wildlife and 28 common household pests. Select a category and a pest to learn more.

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Orkin Home Pest Control Services
Throughout the year, pests are constantly trying to get into your home. Pests come to your home for several different reasons – for food, for water, or to find a more comfortable climate. Keeping them out of your home is a year-round process, not a one-time event. Our pest control experts work to deliver solutions — rooted in science — to help treat and prevent not just any home, your home.

The Orkin Man™ works with you in an on-going cycle of three critical activities. They are designed to keep pests in their place – out of your home.

Orkin A.I.M. – Orkin’s exclusive three-step approach:

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During the assessment, The Orkin Man™ inspects your home. He is trained to identify pest threats and risk areas. Throughout the year as seasons change, the pest threat changes. The Orkin Man™ understands the reasons pests are trying to invade your home.

Your Orkin Man works with you to design a highly pest control plan. He uses the best methods for your family and the environment. The treatments target the causes of common household pest problems around your home all year long. Not just for any home, for your home.

Throughout the year, The Orkin Man™ monitors the pest threat around your home and documents what he sees. He communicates with you regularly to ensure that the service is as effective as you expect.

Pests, like bed bugs, never take a day off, and Orkin is ready for the year-round threat. Millions of families trust Orkin. They know Orkin provides more than 100 years of experience, the industry’s best training, and environmentally responsible methods.

When you call The Orkin Man™, you’re not just calling an exterminator, you’re calling the expert.

Keeping pests in their place.

The purpose of the listing is to provide information about the pests and various treatment options. The listing is not intended to imply that all treatment types are used by Orkin.


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