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Orkin Birmingham, Alabama

Birmingham Exterminator, Pest Control & Termite Inspector


    Branch #106

    2485 A Valleydale Rd.
    Birmingham, AL 35244

    Phone: (877) 250-1652
    Fax (205) 733-6954


    Termite Control
    Pest Control

    Serving Alabaster, Brookside, Cardiff, Chelsea, Dolomite, Dora, Helena, Kimberly, McCalla, Palmerdale, Pleasant Grove,Wilsonville

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

Our Orkin Man is without a doubt one of the nicest and most courteous young men we have ever dealt with. He represents Orkin very well. If all your representatives are of his caliber, we can surely understand why Orkin enjoys the quality reputation that it does.
Birmingham, Ala.

Willard, the mouse, ate the bait. Now he’s quiet. He was a big one and smart, too. He wouldn’t touch the materials I bought at the store. Thanks.Anniston, Ala.