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Orkin Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Cincinnati, OH 45215
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    Serving Collinsville, Hooven, Middletown, Mount Saint Joseph, North Bend, Okeana, Overpeck, Oxford, Ross, Shandon, Somerville, Terrace Park

Customer Testimonials & Reviews

I hope the Orkin Men are commended. They had a big job to do and did it well. They were organized and very polite.
Cincinnati, Ohio

On September 11, 1979, one of our ambulances broke down in I-71 while proceeding on a Code 3 run to pick-up a critical, dying patient. Under these desperate circumstances, Orkin’s two men graciously stopped to render assistance. Your employees then went ‘the extra mile’ to quickly return our two crew members to our garage where they took another unit and proceeded on their run. As I’m sure you are aware, this kind of spirit and attitude cannot be taught to employees, and I find it rare in this day and age of ‘don’t get involved-ism’.
Cincinnati, Ohio

I write to compliment your company and service people for our satisfaction. Although we only had minor problems, there has not been a single rodent sighting since talking to your salesperson and Orkin Man and contracting for enhanced service. I would like to thank Orkin for a job well done and applaud the people you employ.
Cincinnati, Ohio

I called our serviceman who was unavailable. The manager for our area came out that same day. I’d like to commend his work and professional attitude. It is a pleasure to deal with such pleasant and efficient individuals.
Cincinnati, Ohio

The Orkin Man completed the most thorough inspection we’ve ever had. A nice representative for Orkin.
Cincinnati, Ohio