Flea Medicine

There is a variety of flea medications available for purchase for your pet. Some medications are designed to kill adult fleas, while others target flea and egg larvae. Some are topically applied, while others are administered orally through pill or liquid form. If your pet has difficulty swallowing medication, a liquid or topical formula may prove most effective. Liquid treatments can easily be incorporated into a pet’s water dish.

Before giving your pet any medications, a veterinarian should be consulted. Certain medications could interact negatively with a pet’s other health problems. It is important to choose one medication and follow through with its application, as administering several different medications at once can prove harmful to your pet. You should also consider your pet’s age before choosing to apply medication. Puppies and elderly animals may experience negative side effects from flea medications.

Whichever medication you and your vet decide upon, be certain to read and follow all directions. Overapplication can prove hazardous, while underapplication will render the medication less effective.