Human Head Lice and Dogs

Unlike fleas that affect canines, cats, rodents etc., human head lice cannot survive without a viable host on which to feed. Human head lice are endemic to humans and will not affect dogs, though other species of lice have been known to bite dogs.

However, a flea infestation can be confused for a lice infestation. Fleas are pests which do affect dogs, and they infest homes and yards quickly. They may live within the carpet of a home for months before emerging as pests. Fleas, like lice, can bite humans as well.

If your pet shows signs of excessive itching or restlessness, he or she may be harboring fleas. Be sure to clean all bedding and check for signs of flea infestations around your home. Should a flea infestation become evident, contact your pest control professional and veterinarian for treatment options.