Black Tarantulas

Tarantulas are a group of often large arachnids. Species coloration covers the spectrum from metallic blue to dull black or brown. The Brazilian black tarantula (Grammostola pulchra) is a tarantula species that measures approximately 15 cm in size. Brazilian black tarantulas are kept in the exotic pet trade, where they live up to 20 years. Brazilian black tarantulas consume crickets, insects and small vertebrates. These docile arachnids seldom attack humans. When disturbed they are able to kick itchy hairs called urticating hairs as a defensive mechanism.

The Thailand black tarantula (Haplopelma minax) is a much more aggressive species. They are known to be very fast and can measure over 10 cm in size. Like other Old World tarantula species, the Thailand black tarantula is not equipped with urticating hair. As a result, there are more likely to bite if provoked. Like the Brazilian black tarantula, H. minax is found in the pet trade.