Brown Recluse Spider Bite

Brown recluse spiders are capable of biting when disturbed or threatened. This may occur when a person unknowingly wears an infested piece of clothing or rolls over in his or her sleep. Similarly, brown recluses are known to build their webs in boxes and beneath old furniture; reaching into these areas may result in a bite.

Reactions to the brown recluse spider bite are variable. Depending on the bite location and amount of venom injected, reactions run the gamut from mild skin irritation to skin lesions. Most bites heal themselves and do not result in lasting tissue damage.

These bites are not painful at first and often go unnoticed until the first side effects appear. Symptoms do not usually manifest for a few hours after the bite.

Although medically concerning, a brown recluse spider bite rarely results in serious medical harm. Regardless, always exercise caution in areas with recluses, and consult a medical professional if a bite occurs.