Brown Recluse Spider Range

Presently, the known range of the brown recluse spider (Loxosceles reclusa) extends from Nebraska to Ohio and across the south from Texas to Florida. It is native to the United States, unlike other pest spiders such as the brown widow or yellow sac spider. Concentrations of recluses are greatest in the central part of their range where hundreds or even thousands may be found in a single structure.

Due to its penchant for hiding in dark areas such as boxes, transportation of recluses can happen. Indeed, there are recorded instances of single buildings outside their recluse range where recluses were accidently brought in through relocated items.

The most obvious public concern with recluses is their bite and venom. Even though they have necrotic venom which has the ability to cause skin lesions, most bites heal without any damage. Nevertheless, spider bite victims should seek medical attention immediately if they have medical concerns. If at all possible, the offending specimen should be brought to the physician for proper identification. Most cases turn out to be the result of other sources such as bacterial infections or allergic reactions. There are no verified cases of death attributed to brown recluses.