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Cellar Spiders

Cellar Spider


Cellar spiders are one of the most common spider species found within human dwellings. As their name suggests, they are found in cellars, as well as closets, attics and sheds. Cellar spiders have four long pairs of legs and two body parts. Adult cellar spiders reach approximately 2.5 cm in length. Because of their long legs, cellar spiders are often mistaken for the “daddy longlegs.” They are also sometimes confused with crane flies.

Like most other spiders, cellar spiders are highly adaptive and successful predators. Their diet consists primarily of insects, which they lure and trap within their webs before encasing them in cocoons. When food supplies in their environment are insufficient, these spiders travel to other webs and pretend to be trapped insects. As the other spider attempts to catch and consume it, the cellar spider attacks the unsuspecting arachnid. Also known as vibrating spiders, cellar spiders utilize wobbly, vibrating movements to confuse predators and attackers.

The web of the cellar spider is irregular, with no discernable pattern. Although their bites are harmless to humans, their webs are unsightly and profuse: unlike other spider species, cellar spiders prefer to live within close proximity to one another, creating troublesome communities within human dwellings.


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