Common Garden Spiders

Common Garden Spider
Common Garden Spider

Common spiders found in gardens are grass spiders, orb web weavers, elongated long-jawed spiders, cobweb weavers, jumping spiders, daddy long legs, sac spiders, crab spiders and wolf spiders. These species are also known to enter human habitats.

Grass spiders typically build a mat-like web with a side tunnel.

Orb weavers build unique, incredibly strong webs between branches. They use the webs to capture flying prey and house their egg sacs.

Elongated long-jawed spiders are similar to orb weavers, as they also construct orb-like webs.

Cobweb weavers are also commonly found in gardens. These arachnids hang upside down to wait for prey and build their webs in secluded areas. Cobweb weavers construct their homes in areas safe from rain and wind. They are often mistaken for black widows due to superficial similarities in appearance, but they lack the red hour glass on the underside of the abdomen. Cobweb weavers do not have venom of medical threat to humans.

Jumping spiders can be found roaming through gardens. Equipped with excellent vision and the ability to jump, these spiders are adept hunters and do not build webs to capture prey.

The wolf spider is common in gardens and can be found in open fields, as well. Wolf spiders prefer to live outdoors in areas hidden by the shade of plants. They also do not construct webs to capture prey. They run and capture prey at night.

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