Different Types of Tarantula Spiders

Tarantulas belong to the Family Theraphosidae. Hundreds of tarantula species exist, and specimens can be found in many parts of the world. Many species are terrestrial and will construct burrows, while some occupy previously inhabited burrows or will reside in a tube web created by their silk. Other tarantulas, such as the Avicularia and Poecilotheria are arboreal in nature.

Although all tarantulas are venomous, some are more so than others. Tarantula bites are painful and might result in bleeding due to the fang size. In the event of severe symptoms, seek medical attention.

New World tarantulas have urticating hairs. These fine, barbed hairs are capable of irritating the eyes or skin of attackers. Contact with eyes can also produce damage.

Size of male and female specimens differs depending on the species. There are very large and very small tarantula species. In most species, the female is larger. In some species, such as the Theraphosa blondi, males are longer, but females posses a greater girth.